Lighting a Garden, Amazing Inspiration For Your Beautiful Garden

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The perfect lighting in your garden keeps your outdoor spaced beautifully illumined whether it’s day or night. However, it sounds more reasonable to switch on your garden lights when it’s dark. A well-lit garden makes a very nice scene for relaxation and even romantic dates.

This article contains some really cool lighting ideas you can use to give your garden an even classier look. Let’s get right into it.

Lighting a Garden: Different Ideas To Pick From

  • Solar Lighting

If you’d love to light up your outdoor relaxation spot without depending on electricity, then the solar lighting option is a great way to do that. You can choose from single stake lights, stepping stones and even strings. Whichever you go for will surely add some elegance and class to your garden.

Solar-powered lights take up energy from the sun during the day via its collector which is stored away in its internal battery. Once the natural light gets really dim, the solar lights will lit up the entire space. Oh, you can turn the lights on yourself.

Although solar power has become more famous today, it is still a work in progress. Before you make a purchase, ensure you do proper research and get products with good reviews. The product you get might feature a manual switch or auto-on function with a timer.

  • LED Garden Lights

LED lights[1] will give your garden the glow it needs. They are known to consume less power and emit more light compared to incandescent bulbs. However, their small size requires you to get a number of them before you have an equivalent amount of light. LED lights are used in various lighting styles.

You can also pair them up with solar lights. Since they consume less power, they last longer than both solar lights and incandescent bulbs. This makes LEDs so worth the investment. LED garden lights are available in various formats such as rope, spot, stake and string lights. Make a choice depending on your preference and you’ll be satisfied with the results you get.


  • Plug & Play Garden Lights

To give your outdoors an eccentric and colourful appearance, try some plug and play garden lights. The cool thing about this lighting is that you don’t need the services of an electrician to get it installed. You can do that all by yourself.

It’s a simple matter of getting the lights, connect to a transformer and plug right in. Halogen bulbs and LED lights with low voltage will be just fine to add some illumination and style. You can also get some other styles, including deck, wall, and string lighting.

  • Garden Wall Lights

Transform that bare surface in your garden to bright eye candy with some garden lights. Install any style of lighting to suit your taste. There a variety of options to choose from. You can go for the traditional hanging lanterns, squares, or swivel lights and the list goes on.

A good number of these options make use of LEDs for its long-lasting nature and less power consumption. Halogen bulbs will also do the trick for you.

Some persons choose plug and play for the wall lighting style. That works too and you can install them yourself. Think of the look you want to create before selecting a wall lighting style. Once, you’ve made up your mind, purchase the lights you need and bring it to reality.

  • Garden Patio Lights

You know how we love to kick back, relax and even have some dinners on the patio. Well, wouldn’t you love this area to be properly illumined? I’m sure you do. It’ll make your relaxation time and dinners far more enjoyable and even magical.

For patio lighting, you need weather-resistant lights that won’t be difficult to install. They should be able to last through changing seasons without getting bad. However, some patio lights may not be able to endure bad weather.

They’ll need to be taken down in harsh weather especially during the winter. You can go for the basic tiki torches on your patio or the more sophisticated suspended lights.

  • Modern Garden Lights

For the love of something contemporary, the modern garden lights offer you styles different from the conventional ones popularly known. There are a number of contemporary elements introduced today alongside lighting.

Most of them are work with LEDs; they provide a nice, bright and white light. By now you know why LEDs are preferred by many. Modern lights are also available in a variety of styles. We have spotlights, decking lights, industrial string lights and a bunch of other options.

  • Garden Party Lights

If you enjoy hosting parties and getting the groove on at your place, then why not try some cool lighting for a bit more zing? It’s best to hold parties in your garden during warm weather. However, with a heat source, you can make it work in the fall.

The perfect lighting will give your event the extra zest it needs. You and your guests will totally have a lot of fun and take nice pictures too. I mean, the background will be amazing.

Fairy lights and coloured rope lights will give your garden a nice look. Paper lanterns are a great choice especially in dry weather but ensure you take down once the event is over. String lights are also available; whichever appeals to you the most will be just fine.

  • Garden Deck Lights

The ideal lighting will make your deck attractively illumined. Anyone who comes around will be in love.

There are styles that mount lights to the walls surrounding the deck and those that keep the lights on the deck’s floor. Usually, they have a flat design and feature blue or white LED lights.

Purchase lights depending on what you’ll like to achieve.

You also have the option of solar lighting for your deck if you don’t want to work with electricity. In any case, keep your deck nice and shiny with some classy lights and you’ll be glad you did.

  • Garden Shed Lights

Don’t neglect your shed when it comes to lighting, it’s also pretty important. You’ll need illumination to help you find your way sometime. Your shed lighting can be in the form of hanging lights, LEDs installed on the walls, basic fluorescent lights and other options. You won’t want to get out of the shed once you have your pretty lights installed.

Before you invest in some garden shed lights, there are a few things you should consider. The shed’s material, how often you use it, its power source and how the lights will be installed should influence your decision.

If your shed isn’t wired, you may want to go through the solar route. The installer will have to fix it in a way that its collector gets attached to an exterior surface (roof or wall) where it can get access to sunlight.

  • Low Voltage Lights

Low voltage lights as you may have guessed require less electricity compared to other lights. This is great when you think of the utility bill. However, remember the lights may not be the brightest there is, in fact, it can be really dim.

You may need to get more lights. Low voltage garden lights are available in different formats, from stake lights to string lights and a bunch of other options in between. Regardless of the style you choose, all low voltage lights require less electricity.

  • Garden Security Lights

The security of your garden is vital. To keep your favourite outdoor spot secure, you can install some security lights. There are motion-detection systems; they are able to detect movement and react by illuminating that area. You can go for long-lasting, powerful LED lights, ground-based lights or floodlights that can be installed on elevated points outside your house.

  • Garden Fence Lights

Don’t leave out your fence when working on garden lighting. A well-lit fence creates a beautiful demarcation of your garden space. Get some colourful lights to dazzle up your fence and make your garden environment even more elegant.

  • Outdoor Garden Lights

Crossed lights will create a cool, unique look outdoors. This option works well and gives a calmer feel compared to lamps. You can either go for plug-ins or solar technology depending on which you prefer. Lanterns with special effects that reveal attractive shapes are amazing choices. You can get light with other beautiful shaped patterns too, including circles and zigzags.

  • Garden Path Lights

Don’t you just love lit-up garden path? Remember how cool those movie scenes look with such bright paths? You can create that in your own garden.

Placing lanterns on the soil is probably the most common idea when it comes to garden paths. However, you can try recessed lights in your brickwork. They literally can’t get in your way. You will also end up getting the bright path you desire.

  • Garden Light Design

You can create amazing designs with your garden lighting and there are some you’ll be able to do all by yourself. Dot lit spheres around your garden to look like the moon. Make a simple path or arrange in a flattering way. That’ll give your garden a more relaxing feel.

  • Cheap Lighting Options

If you’re in search of more affordable lighting options, then solar light strings will be just fine for you. You don’t have to be concerned with electricity costs; the sun is all you need to power them up. Fairy lights are also cheap options. Fix them at strategic positions to get the sparkles you love to see.

  • DIY Garden Lights

Gather here DIY enthusiasts, here’s something for you. Get strings of solar lights and create something magical. Push strings into old transparent bottles or hang on a watering can. You can go online to search for some DIY lighting ideas for your gardens and I bet you’ll find a good number to choose from.

  • Christmas Garden lights

A lot of persons love Christmas and go crazy with the decorations every year. Putting up Christmas lights is common as well. There are various designs and you can even get reindeer creative.

You can get some colourful lights on your fence or arrange fairy lights all around artificial green bushes. Whatever it is you’d like to create, just go ahead and do so. They are a ton of Christmas lighting ideas online and you can make your garden feel the spirit once that time of the year comes. Enjoy!

  • Garden Pond Lights

It may not be a swell idea to light up wildlife pond if you have one. This will simply drive nocturnal animals away. You can adorn ornamental pond with some lighting; some calm light that doesn’t affect the Pisces will work just fine.

  • Garden Tree Lights

A lit-up tree is usually one of the highlights in a festive period. However, you don’t necessarily need to wait till it is Christmas to give your garden tree a little glow with basic fairy light ropes arranged around your branches. This lighting will be complimentary at any point in the year. So, don’t hesitate to bless your garden trees with some beautiful.

  • Garden Wedding Lights

Weddings are monumental ceremonies, so it has to be as perfect as possible. You want the mood to be amazing and your wedding guests impressed. You should however make sure that your lighting does not inhibit you from moving around.

Suspended lights make this easier.

Avoid using candles as much as you can for this purpose. You should instead utilise battery-powered alternatives like tea lights to ensure safety since you might be in a crowded venue.

  • Front Garden Lights

It is common for people to overlook and ignore the front garden space, but you can dazzle yours up to make it more inviting. In addition to lighting up the garden, the lights can also be a security measure.

  • Traditional Garden Lights

Nothing says traditional like candle lights. A candle-lit lantern has this ancient, yet magical vibe. You can also easily transport the lanterns from one point to another.

In addition, you don’t need to concern yourself with the installation. Traditional lanterns are so good; they set the right mood for romantic dinners.

Final Words

When it comes to your garden lighting, there are a ton of ideas to help you achieve that elegant and classy sparkle. Whether it’s the fence, wall, and deck or you just need some lighting for an event; you can totally get that desired glow.

Also, there are different lights and styles to pick from. LED lights, solar lights, fairy lights, traditional lanterns and so on are right at your disposal if you need them (you may have to go to the market first).

Your garden is your personal relaxation spot and possibly an event centre too, so take a little time out to make it as illumined and classy as possible with some beautiful lights.


[1] LED Lights – Link


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