Choosing The Best Seed Propagator

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A seed propagator is an essential tool for gardeners. It allows you to maintain a steady supply of seeds, which will keep your garden looking healthy and vibrant all year round. But how do you know what type of seed propagator to choose?

There are many types on the market today, but not all are created equally.

For example, some use natural light only while others need artificial light as well. Some have vents that can be opened or closed depending on whether it’s hot or cold outside, while others have no vents at all and rely solely on insulation between the inner chamber and outer container to regulate temperature extremes inside the unit.

A propagator gives you better control over the path of your seed’s growth by allowing you to control the environment, thus improving your chances of success.


Best Seed Propagators

The first step in propagating plants is to choose the type of propagator. You can use a seed tray, which are flat and have many small cells for individual seeds; or you can use a peat pot with its own soil mix and plant it after the roots form.

Below is a list of some of the best seed propagators available today:

Stewart Variable Control Electric Propagator

This is arguably one of the best propagators in the market and there is a simple reason why. This propagator comes equipped with a thermostat, allowing you to change the temperature of the atmosphere in the propagator.

You can adjust the temperature between 12 and 28⁰C which is more than enough to grow a wide variety of plants. The cover of this propagator is built transparent, allowing the seeds and plants to get adequate exposure to light, which is also a necessity for growth and germination.

It’s always difficult to find the perfect temperature – we all know that. And now, thanks to this Stewart Variable Control Electric Propagator you can control it in a snap! Remember those winter vegetables you were trying to grow? Well, fingers crossed because with this guy on the job they’ll have an even chance of surviving and thriving (and maybe even flourishing?)

Whatever your growing needs are, imagine never having to worry about whether or not your plants will cook or freeze when things get too hot outside without any convenient means of controlling things from inside. Not surprisingly its popularity has been skyrocketing lately for obvious reasons!

EarlyGrow Heated Electric Self Watering Propagator

The EarlyGrow MPL50034/C/P Heated Electric Shatter Resistant 3-Bay Windowsill Propagator is a high quality propagator made to last, with care. This heated propagator has an 12 Watt power supply and clear lid for maximum light and adjustable ventilation so plants grow healthy.

It has nine seed trays, but also comes with extras so you can extend growing your plants on a window sill or giving them more space – perfect for beginners!

Made in the UK this electric heated shatter resistant 3 bay windowsill propagator is perfect for any budding gardeners looking to start growing their first plants using natural components: soil and water. The holes in the bottom of individual seeds trays allow you self water your plants via capillary action.

Garland Super7 Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator

If you’re on a budget, then this is the best propagator for you. If you’re new to gardening and planting, this is the ideal propagator for you. It is designed to store water for your seeds as water is needed in certain amounts to guarantee germination.

The Garland Super7 Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator is a compact electric propagator is perfect for your cool, draughty windowsill. With 7 mini vented propagators and a heated base this unit is perfect for the most avid gardener who wants to grow lots of varieties at once.

Garland Plant Supplies introduced the amazingly affordable – yet efficient – Garland Super7 Gardening Windowbox this past winter to help amateurs and enthusiasts alike take their green thumbs anywhere in their homes or apartments. This space-saving gardening set-up houses seven potted plants with an innovative heating system that enables hyperlocal cultivation whether you’re confined by limited sun exposure or window availability (or both!).

The water storage is located below the seed tray, enabling the plants to draw water in an upward motion just like it would in the ground. If you are an environmentalist, then you will love this propagator as it is made from recycled materials.

For a great way to save space in your home or office while maintaining fresh plants, try out the Garland Super7 Electric Windowill Propagator!

Stewart P035B Essentials Electric Propagator

This propagator is useful for more than just getting seeds to germinate. Whilst it is a large propagator, it is designed to be set on a windowsill with ease, the position that is most favoured amongst gardeners.


It is one of the best choices of propagators with the soil temperature set to about 8⁰C which happens to be the best temperature for a lot of seeds. The seed tray has seven compartments with transparent lids, allowing you to monitor or showcase your seedlings without having to allow external conditions to affect them.

Keep your plants satisfied and thriving with this heated electric propagator model which is perfect for low-maintenance varieties of vegetable plants, herbs, or flowers. Adjust the ventilation panels to get the humidity just right and bask in an economical 22w heater that retains heat inside this sealed unit. With clear coverings on both sides, you can adjust when it’s day or night as well as add fresh air if things start heating up too much!

The only major downside to this propagator seems to be the fact that it isn’t equipped with a thermostat and can only work with a fixed temperature.

Sankey 38 cm Growarm 100 Propagator Kit

Ever wanted to try your hand at growing delicious strawberries, refreshing tomatoes, or mouth-watering herbs? Then this Growarm 100 propagator kit is perfect for you! It includes everything you need – 2x 21cm seed trays, capillary mat and instruction booklet. You’ll be able to produce endless amounts of fresh food in the comfort of your own home with less work and effort than ever before.

Budding green thumbs of all ages are sure to love using this propagator kit. Even the youngest members of the family can learn how to take care of plants from an early age.

The Growarm 100 propagator kit is the perfect low-cost way of growing baby plants at home. With 2x 21cm seed trays, capillary mat and an instruction booklet, you can fill your kitchen with fresh vegetables (and fruit!) all year round – giving your home a welcoming personal touch!

Whether it’s beans, capsicum or carrots that tickle your taste buds…you’ll be spoilt for choice in this delightful little box.

What are seed propagators?

Seed propagators are used to grow plants from seeds. They can be an expensive investment, but with the right knowledge and information they are a great way to get started in gardening.

Propagators are small, compact incubators for raising seedlings in the perfect environment. They typically consist of an under tray filled with a growing medium and a transparent cover that lets light through but retains heat and moisture.

There are many different types of seed propagators on the market today. The type you should choose will depend on your garden size, whether you want to start indoors or outdoors, and what plants you plan to plant.

Types of seed propagators

Seed propagators are a fantastic way to give your garden the jump start it needs in early spring. But with so many options out there, knowing which one is right for you can be tough. So we put together this guide on what the various types of seed propagators do and how they work.

Seed propagators come in three major types.

Simple propagators

This type of propagator is mainly designed to maintain certain conditions especially with moisture. It is also useful for protecting seeds from colder temperatures by maintaining warmth.

Heated propagators

This propagator comes with only one temperature setting and cannot be altered to fit a different one. With this kind of propagator, you can only grow seeds that thrive at the set temperature.

Heated propagators with the thermostat

With this propagator, you have the benefit of choosing different temperatures, setting the plant conditions to your desire. The only downside to this type of propagator is the fact that it needs to be connected to electricity.

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