Where to Get Garden Shears Sharpened

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It’s no secret that garden shears are one of the most used tools in a gardener’s toolbox. This spring, before you start your next project, make sure your shears are sharpened and ready to go.

Before highlighting the best garden shears sharpening tools, it’s worth knowing that sharpening can be done locally or at home by following these simple steps: 

  1. Clean the blades with water and soap
  2. Use some sharpening oil (like this popular Shears Sharpening Oil ) on the blade. The oil will help prevent rusting while sharpening
  3. Sharpen blade using a sharpening tool
  4. Repeat process for inside edge of blade
  5. Use clean cloths to carefully wipe down outside edges of blades
  6. Store in dry place when not in use.

Let’s now look at the top three garden shears sharpeners on the market as voted by consumers. These sharpeners are all great for use with a variety of different types of blades and materials.

DMT FWCX Double Sided Garden Shears Sharpener

Sharpening tools and knives doesn’t get any easier than this. Constructed of durable materials, this DMT FWCX Diafold Sharpener will provide years of consistent performance for you.

DMT FWCX Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Coarse /...
  • Portable, lightweight and handy foldable handles that protect the diamond sharpening stone...
  • Double sided: Extra coarse diamond for a diamond cutting edge and coarse diamond for...
  • Faster than conventional stones thanks to the micronised monocrystalline diamond surface

Whether you need to sharpen a dull edge or one that has been damaged, the extra-coarse and coarse diamond surfaces possess enough grit to quickly change it out without oil needed.

The two-sided construction means no more worrying about storage space when not in use – with convenient fold & go handles that enclose and protect the Diamond Whetstone while on the go.

The two sides are designed for different levels of sharpness: Extra-coarse to repair damaged edges or heavy duty diamond for light work on dull edges.

Simply run the blade through both sides until desired effect is attained using dry grits or water instead of oil – it’s faster than conventional stones.

Multi-Purpose Garden Tool Blade Sharpening Kit for Shears, Pruners, Secateurs, Scissors and Axes

This Multi-Sharp 1801 Multi-Purpose Garden Tool Blade can revive all your dull, neglected gardening tools. 

Multi-Sharp 1801 Multi-Purpose Garden Tool Blade...
  • Multi Use: This sharpening kit contains 3 different blade sharpeners to sharpen all types...
  • Rotary Mower Blades: The reversible grinding wheel quickly re-sharpens metal rotary mower...
  • Garden Shears and Scissors: Re-sharpens long-handled, single-handed, wavy-edge and single...

Stay sharp in the garden and stop worrying about gardening technique when you sharpen tools at the correct angle.

Familiarise yourself with each product to find out which blade type it is appropriate for – what are its uses? This kit has everything you need so whether you have a mower, shears, spade, or pair of scissors there’s something here to get them back up to speed.

The sharpeners are made with 3 blade types in order to serve any kind of tool. Set includes three sets: (1) 3/32 coarse blade sharpener blocks (2) 9/64 medium grinder blades (3) 7/64 fine grinders.

MOJINO Professional Sharpener Stone Kit

The MOJINO Professional Sharpener Stone Kit will provide you with four expert-level tools to achieve your sharpening needs.

Knife Sharpening Stone Set, MOJINO Professional...
  • [MOST PROFESSIONAL & COMPLETE SHARPENING KIT] Different sharpening tools serve for...
  • [SUITABLE ACCESSORIES ALSO MATTER] Security enjoys the top priority! The non-slip bamboo...

With this kit, your shears can be sharpened quickly and easily into quality blades that are razor sharp without damaging the steel.

These hand-held whetstones are crafted with just the right angles to ensure that your blades will be razor sharp each time you use them.

The kit includes two 400 Grit precision diamond implements which will help maintain an edge of any size blade over time.

The coarse stone is ideal for forming new edges or repairing damaged knives by grinding off old blades.

Shears with thicker blades may require both the medium grade and the fine grit stone to form an edge suitable for cutting efficiently.

You can even use it to hone serrated blades if needed.

This two-sided whetstone also has rubber feet that prevent slipping during honing strokes.

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