On a warm summer evening of 2018, while working on my allotment with my friend, I remembered a joke that my friend Alice said:

Alex Senior, founder of Gardenn UK

“Alex, you may know everything about the outdoor gardening, but it’s no use to me because all I really want to do is garden indoors!”.

And it’s true. I love being outdoors in my allotment using tips and ideas that have lived in my head only.

And that’s when I decided it was time to put all that knowledge somewhere that can be browsed easily by me fellow gardeners and Gardenn was born.

I started documenting my experiences and this site really has taken a life of its own and I am amazed myself of how many people Alice’s remark has helped.

So since 2019, I’ve worked with friends to make this site grow bigger and better and I hope to eventually make this the best garden site you will find online.

Alicia Olizarowicz

I started gardening at the age of seven. I instantly fell in love, and it became my passion. I would wake up before everyone in the house to go outside and work in my greenhouse, regardless of the weather conditions.

In High School, there was no garden to tend to in school. So I started one that blossomed with time and many teachers and students grew to love.

Gardening is a labour of love that only gardeners understand – but everyone enjoys. I remember being a kid and admiring flowers in bloom and figuring out why I couldn’t wait to share that info with my student friends, and I have lots more info to share!

I’ve been sharing my gardening knowledge by writing for almost four years. Writing about gardening helps me share all of my knowledge while still getting to be there for my family every day.

Today, I still enjoy gardening as much as I ever have. I’ve been incredibly blessed with a six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter (yes, they both have little garden forks in their hands already). A regualr walk through Kew Gardens has also become a family event at this point in my life. It’s a dream come true to watch my children fall in love gardening as well.