How to Grow Money Plant from Seed. The Luminaria Plant

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Popularly known as honesty, the money tree is a rare beauty and a flower that everyone would love to have. There is not much information available on how to care for this exotic flower. Many gardeners and florists see this plant as a weed as opposed to the rare beauty it is.

In this article, I will be explaining everything you need to know about growing this exotic flower.

Origin of the Money Tree

This flower made its way to the new world along with pilgrims and notable figures like Thomas Jefferson were known to have reared them. The flower is nicknamed the silver dollar, a name that comes from its appearance and similarities to the silver dollar.

Money trees have edible roots, which may have been a factor in the pilgrims traveling with them across the Atlantic and planting them on the shores of the new world. The flowers of the money tree contain four pink petals, displaying an elegance that makes ownership of such beauty, a thing of pride.

The silver dollar like nature comes late in the summer when the pods have begun to dry. At this point, anyone can begin to understand why some may consider this flower a weed.


How to Grow Money Plant from Seed. The Luminaria Plant - Gardenn UK


Another reason why most gardeners do not like to plant the money tree is the fact that they seem to avoid the locations they are planted. Rather than grow where seeds are grown, they grow literally anywhere else. This makes them a burden in a garden as they tend to mess up the coordination and organization.

In the end, planting a money tree is not actually a good idea for a garden ornament.

Why should I grow the money tree?

Seeing as they seem to be more of a burden, you may wonder what the point of growing this weird flower is. The biggest reason I can think of is the fact that it is not complicated to do.

From planting to the plants growing, each step occurs relatively easily. It is so easy that even a child can do it. Once these beauties begin to emerge, they are so bright and colourful that they provide stunning visuals for everyone. As easy as they are to grow, they can also be easily ignored, leading them to grow spontaneously, in the wrong places.

If you have a garden that is just for fun and you do not mind the sporadic patterns, the money tree may be the perfect addition to your collection.

The major reason why the money plant seems to grow randomly is that their pods are very light. This makes them easily displaced by wind, spilling seeds everywhere as they move to their newest destination. The money grows for the first year, before producing flowers over the next year. This makes people consider them perennial plants, however, they are in truth, biennials.


One important thing you should remember is that, if at any point, you deem the money tree a pest, you can dispose of them easily, as opposed to actual weeds. The flower makes an excellent addition to landscape design. Once planted, it will spread across the available patch of land, until you have a silvery looking yard.

Important tips to help you grow your money tree

As earlier stated, it is a relatively simple procedure to grow and cater to the money tree. It does not really matter what time of the year it is, or the season, temperature, or climate conditions are. It is worth noting that they are most effective and produce the best results when sown in the spring.

The process of sowing involves spreading the seeds randomly over the earth and covering the seeds with a little soil. Water the location frequently without allowing the soil to become dampened.

It does not really matter what kind of soil you plant on, as long as there is adequate matter. The money tree should be planted in locations that have access to adequate sunlight but will still grow in the absence of sunlight.


Important tips to help you grow your money tree


You should try to apply fertiliser to the plant at least once in 12 months, but if this is not possible, it will not matter much. After the plant has germinated it does not require much action on your end.

If the weather is not favourable and the soil begins to dry up, you need to water it and it only requires a little water. The only time you can have a problem with the money tree is when the soil is too damp. It is the only thing that can prevent the money tree from growing.

Whilst they can be annoying, the benefits of having the money tree far outweigh the negatives. Do not let my biased opinion influence you. As the process is relatively easy and does not require much effort or materials, you can try it out yourself. If you do not like it, it is also as easy to eliminate.

The value of the money tree far exceeds simply its ease. Its aesthetics are unmatched, making them very popular in landscaping. Whether as ornaments to decorate your garden or meadow or as an intro to gardening, the money tree is the ideal plant. Seeds are not too hard to find and a trip to the gardener should provide you with the seeds to get you started.

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