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Birdbox cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your garden without having the hassle of being there all day. These small, unobtrusive devices can be placed discreetly in places in your garden that have good visibility and have enough room for them to work properly.

For fans of birdwatching, bird box cameras give you a way to monitor birds in their private space. Whilst you can sit on a bench and watch them from afar, it doesn’t compare to seeing them up close and personal. With a bird box camera, not only do you get to see them up close, but you also get to witness rare events like the hatching of an egg, without having to trouble the parents or chase them from their egg.

A bird box camera is a type of surveillance system that can be placed inside an existing box to provide you with information on birds. This guide will cover different types of birdbox cameras. These include cameras for bird boxes you already own rather than just buying new ones.

The best birdbox cameras available

The market for bird box cameras is exploding, but with so many options to choose from it can be difficult to know which ones are best. In this article, I’ll help you find the perfect camera that offers high-quality footage and meets your needs.

Below are some of the best birdbox cameras available in the market today.


Birdboxview Colour CCTV Camera

Birdboxview Colour CCTV Nestbox Camera is perfect for filming birds and their nests. The birdbox and the camera can be purchased separately if you need only one of them or if you are on a budget. Birds prefer V-shaped roofs and this is used in the construction of this bird box.

If you wish to clean the birdbox, you can manually open it easily as it is built that way. The birdbox is designed with a window that lets in light and is coated in clear plastic to keep out other entrants.

It’s an easy-to-install wired system that attaches to the top of bird boxes with built-in plastic trunking, 10 meters of cable extension for installing in a visible location, and the adapter unit plugs into any standard exterior socket power supply (requires 110V AC).

The wired camera system features easy installation and an AV extension cable that runs from the nestbox to your television. Say goodbye to spying on your birds with binoculars!


  • Easy to set up for even the newest DIY-ers
  • Well ventilated for the birds, with easy access for birds of different sizes
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • The roof comes in a V shape. As recommended by the RSPCA
  • It has a light source from a window


  • The camera can only produce limited colours

Green Feathers Wildlife Bird Box Camera with Night Vision Kit

The perfect solution for professional and amateur ornithologists alike, this HD Bird Box Camera is the new standard in high-tech bird watching. Put your worries to rest with invisible infrared LEDs that allow you to see all day or night when you’re away on business trips abroad!



No need for binoculars or dangerous climbing trees; just tune into a live feed from anywhere at home, work, or even halfway around the world thanks to the UK’s first IP camera featuring 720p resolution. The wide dynamic range coupled with an infra-red sensor takes care of incoming light so it doesn’t overwhelm the camera lens by being too bright or too dark like older models would be under these conditions.

The Green Feathers Wildlife HD 1080p IP PoE Bird Box Camera with Night Vision Kit features a wide lens that captures as much of the inside of your bird box as possible. It also provides crisp, high quality video in HD, so you can see more detail.

This tiny camera connects right to your router, letting you watch remotely on your PC or tablet. There are invisible infra-red LEDs that provide night vision for 24/7 viewing- so no need to worry about waking up perching birds while they sleep.


Birdboxview Webcamera

The Birdboxview webcam is a unique nestbox with an innovative discreet webcamera inside. Once the camera connects to your laptop or pc you will be able to see any birds nesting in great colour up to 21ft away and watch them doing all their wonderful bird business (nest-building, feeding chicks etc).


The Birdboxview webcamera is fitted in a solid wood nestbox for viewing and recording birds. The tiny 1.5MP camera connects to your home pc via 5m USB2 cable, no power source required, it records comfortably up to 21ft away (not suitable for most tablets or smart TVs).

Viewing is enhanced by the opaque fabric window which blocks out glare whilst allowing ambient light through the slit at base of box for usage as an outdoor bird box or for when smaller birds are nesting. Shape of roof offers optimum view – recommended by RSPB.

It also has a clear viewing window so that you can actually make out the small details of what’s going on inside. And there’s even a slot for ventilation/drainages at the bottom so it won’t trouble the birds whilst they’re nesting!


Factors to consider when buying a bird box camera

The Birdbox Camera is a device that has been designed to help you monitor birds in your garden with ease. It is capable of capturing high-resolution video and still images, so you can see what’s happening in your garden at all times.

Some factors that determine the best birdbox camera for you to buy includes:

Wired, Wireless, or Wi-Fi

One of the hardest parts about setting up a birdbox camera is figuring out what type to get. But thanks to these three options, you’ll never have trouble again!

Each one of these offers unique advantages and affords your benefits that only it can give you.

In all cases, if you want power for your birds-eye view then this requires some sort of connection or battery pack attached to it.  Nonetheless with anyone from among those available here today there’s no reason not to find the perfect fit for whatever mounting position best suits your needs. Allowing you to forward into new endeavours of outdoor photography.


In the case of wireless cameras, you have the biggest benefit of not having to deal with wires. Whilst power is needed, it comes from a battery, and your wireless receiver can be situated outside rather than in the house. On the other hand, you have to purchase batteries frequently as cameras use up batteries quickly. When changing the batteries, you may have to interrupt and disturb the birds. Something which birdbox cameras are supposed to eliminate.


The major setback with wired birdbox cameras is the fact that there are wires involved in the connection. On the other hand, you don’t need batteries or wireless signal receivers. Once this is set up, you may never have to interrupt or disturb the birds except for routine maintenance, which you can schedule appropriately. Another major benefit is that you always get excellent video and audio qualities.


Similar to wireless birdbox cameras, Wi-Fi cameras transmit through the air to your receiver. The Wi-Fi camera on the other hand provides you with relatively more features on the cloud.

Where to watch the footage
After you’ve connected the camera, you need to find a device to watch the footage. You can use a TV, a mobile device, or a computer, pending on the kind of camera you have selected.

The birdbox
The birdbox also needs to be considered when buying a birdbox camera. The size of the box, the amount of light entering the box, and the material the box is made of will all be factors to consider. If you already have a birdbox, you will need to consider how the camera you are purchasing will fit in with the box you already have at home.


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