Unique Small Herb Garden Ideas

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Gardening is such a rewarding activity. Whether you are working with a huge plot of land or just a few pots, you’ll enjoy growing plants and they’ll reward you with fresh food and herbs if you show them enough love.

Culinary herbs are special ingredients included in a variety of dishes to help add some zest and nice flavour to it. With some good small herb garden ideas, you can grow some culinary herbs yourself, isn’t that great?

You can grow some nice flowers in combination with your preferred herbs. They’ll smell so great together. A large space isn’t a requirement to get started on your herb garden.

A group of pots containing herbs and some flowers will suffice. You can grow them indoors or take them out depending on the situation.

Great Design Ideas for Small Herb Gardens

Container Design

Nowadays, modern homes lack extra gardening space. If you still want to make things work just like other gardeners in the urban regions then a container design will do you some good. You need a location that’ll allow your plants to access sunlight.


Regardless of the kind of container you go for, they must have drainage holes. Drainage holes are necessary for draining excess water from a herb pot or container. Without them, water remains for longer and this affects the plant roots.

The design of your garden will be determined by the kind of containers you use. Ensure you keep in mind how water travels so you can control where it’ll go.

You can plant multiple herbs in a single pot, but it shouldn’t be more than four. Also, ensure you choose herbs with similar requirements so they will all thrive together.

Small Outdoor Garden Design

You don’t necessarily need a huge space to make a nice garden for yourself. There are designs suitable for small spaces. The most important thing is that your plants get enough sunlight. Most herbs require a good dose of sunlight to thrive. However, some might also do well with a little shade.

Elevated garden design along the fence

So you don’t have enough space on your property? This option will suffice. You can have a garden right behind your fence. A lot of urban gardeners favour this method, you should try it too. This location exposes your plant to the sunlight rays that they need to thrive.

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Also, the fence acts as a protection against wind. You should consider your access to the plants; the tallest plants should be located in the middle with the shorter ones at the extreme. This will ensure you don’t disturb one plant when trying to reach another.

Also, tall plants should be positioned directly against the fence so they’re not in the way when you’re attending to the small ones. If you fail to properly layer the plants, you could mistakenly break them – especially the tall ones.

An elevated platform is great for managing limited space. Using tall containers will enable larger plants to be further away from the ground proving you with more space for other plants.

Vita Gardens 4×4 Planter

This is a good planter to use for your garden and its set up process is quite straightforward, you won’t need any tools to get it done. It’s made with PVC material so it won’t wear, rot or fade as time passes.

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Depending on how many vegetables you’d like to plant or the design you want, you can get one or two of these. You can form paths between the square to provide enough room for access.

Ensure you design your layout such that you can get to the centre of your planter and still maintain balance, about 4 feet apart is good enough.

Garden Patterns

There are different interesting garden patterns. However, the checkerboard pattern is ideal for small gardens. With four to six squares, you have some space to grow different crops.


Unique Design Ideas for Small Herb Gardens


This pattern is aesthetically pleasing and will be admired by visitors. It’ll be great at a conspicuous location; beside the walkway or a seating area.

Trough Planters

Trough planters are great if you’re working with a narrow, long space. Stone or concrete troughs work well and also look great.

Position the trough in the space and go on to plant your tallest and largest plants. This will lift them away from the ground so you get more space for smaller plants.

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With trough plants, you can maximise your space and grow your lovely herbs.

Elevated Garden Design

Various gardens  with herbs[1] tend to adopt the raised design as a way of maximising space. However, an actual elevated garden design is characterised by the absence of bending which is common with gardening. Raised garden beds are especially beneficial to those who live in rocky areas.

Usually, the additional space gotten from the elevated design isn’t so huge, but you’re able to reach the plants easily.

Square Foot Herb Garden

The square foot design enables the gardener to save space. It is a common method employed by gardeners in an attempt to maximize space and water and limit weeds. It is a great way to grow your herbs and vegetables.



From the name, you can tell the herbs will be planted within a square. This makes the gardener more organised. Each square will be allocated to a specific kind of herb. A square foot garden isn’t difficult to put together.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, below are steps that’ll help you:

  • Choose a location with sufficient sunlight for at least 6 hours per day.
  • Cover the ground using a cardboard or weed cloth, this will keep weeds away from your herbs.
  • Purchase or build a four-foot square box with a depth of about 6 to 8 inches.
  • Fill up the box with soil. You can purchase the soil or make yours using equal amounts of compost, peat, and vermiculite.
  • Layout squares using a nail or twine
  • Now, it’s time to plant. The taller plants should be in the middle with the shorter ones at the extremes.

Wood Pyramid Planter

This planter peculiar compared to others. It has a width of three feet and a height of 2. With this pyramid planter, you’ll be able to grow a complete herb garden. You can create interesting designs such as the checkerboards with your planting areas. Your garden will look nice and you’ll also be able to conveniently reach every section.

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A common design with this planter is the zigzag pattern which will be beneficial for very small yards where the checkerboard option won’t be feasible. It’ll also provide you with easy access to your plants. However, this design isn’t the most aesthetically appealing.

An efficient drainage system is important for elevated beds. Ensure yours has a drainage hole through which excess water can travel out.

Elevated Garden Bed Kits

For gardeners who aren’t interested in building an elevated garden, there are kits you can get. You can position a freestanding garden bed kit anywhere on your deck or patio. You get to minimise space and grow your favourite herbs conveniently.

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The planter is 30 inches tall so the stress of bending when watering your herbs is eliminated. It also comes with an efficient drainage system and a liner. With this product, you can easily monitor and care for your plants with less stress.

There’s also the three-tier raised garden bed. The kit can be easily assembled and it’s made with naturals materials. Its design provides you with sufficient space to plant different kinds of vegetables in a small space.

Once you get your three-tier kit, find a nice, sunny location. Set up the garden bed, add your soil, and plant your herbs. It’s pretty simple.


You don’t need a large plot of land to grow your favourite herbs. You can make things work with that tiny space you have in your yard or patio. With these designs above, you can make things work and enjoy your batch of fresh herbs at harvest time.



[1] Culinary Herbs – Link

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