Easy Ideas for Your Kitchen Herb Garden

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If you need some simple ideas for your kitchen herb garden, you have found the perfect article. Below are some amazing yet simple ideas you can take advantage of in creating your herb garden at home.

6 Simple Ideas For Your Kitchen Herb Garden

  1. Herb Spirals

Building a herb spiral is a nice garden idea, especially if you have limited space for the garden. Your herbs will be able to fit into a small space and grow there as well. This idea should work for you if you’re concerned about space.

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The advantage of using herb spiral is that you get to grow herbs that require varying conditions to thrive in a compact area. Some herbs prefer full sunlight and dry conditions while others love moisture and shade. The former will be positioned at the top and the latter at the bottom or east side.

A herb spiral can be as small or large as you can afford it to be.

  1. Herb Garden Container

Using containers for your herbs is a great idea especially when you don’t have space to spare. Grow culinary herbs[1] in pots and keep them at a preferable location. This option provides you with flexibility and a convenient way to grow your herbs.

Separate Pots for Each Herb

While there are various designs to employ for this herb garden, the easiest would be planting each herb in a specific pot. This will ensure it has enough space to grow and you can also transport the pot as needed based on the plant’s requirement.

If your plant needs some sunlight, you can easily move it to a warmer spot. Also, flowering herbs will look great at a location where the blooming flowers can be appreciated. Your pot should be close to the house once the harvest is approaching so you can pick fresh herbs. Everything is better when it’s fresh.

There’s also another design you can try. Herb pots with flowers can be combined; this creates a nice looking visual for your garden. Also, your pots can be simply filled with young herbs. Marigolds, pansies, and violas are examples of flowers to introduce to your herb containers.

Mobile Herb garden

A large, combined planting area on the patio or deck is another great idea. You’ll be able to move rolling planters if your herbs need some sunlight or you just need to get your porch cleaned up.

Using containers to grow herbs is a great method to try in your home. With some pots or planters, you can create a herb garden even when you don’t have so much space.

  1. Indoor Ideas

An indoor garden is a great idea for gardeners especially if it’s your first time growing herbs.

Window Sill

Putting a planter on your windowsill will give you the option to plant and grow your herbs and catch the sun rays while at it. Once it’s set up, you can begin immediately. You can purchase potted herbs at the market or grocery store. Common ones you’d find are thyme, cilantro, and basil.

Old Wine Bottles

You have so many options to adapt to growing herbs. Repurposed wine bottles can be used to form a hydroponic system in a small space within your kitchen. Usually, these bottles are 8 inches tall so you can position them on the counter beside your window for some sunlight.

You kill two birds with one stone by using this method to grow your herbs. In addition, you don’t have to deal with soil messing up your kitchen because you’re working with a hydroponic method.



Mini Herb Garden Kit

A smart herb garden kit is a satisfactory option especially if your kitchen is not well illumined. Get one and your plants will be properly catered for. There are basil cartridges that come with the kit and they can be replaced with your preferred herb.

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The system is self-regulated; this means your plant gets nourished with everything it needs to develop healthily, including nutrients, air, and water. Once it’s plugged into a source, you’re good to go. Ensure the tank is filled with water at least every month. You’ll get yourself fresh, healthy herbs throughout the year.

  1. Outdoor Ideas

Plants in the outdoors are exposed to a healthy dose of sunlight and air so they tend to develop properly.

A little Garden Space Outdoors

If you already have a flower garden outdoors, you’ll just need to create a space where you can grow your herbs. Elevated garden beds will make this task less difficult. You can also grow them amongst your flowers.

There are a few benefits that come with this option. Herbs in your garden will attract useful insects, including ladybugs, and also wade off pests. For instance, basil will keep flies away from your holly plant.

Growing your herbs outdoors is a win, win situation. Your plant easily gets access to all it requires to thrive and they’ll also benefit your garden.

Companion Planting

You should try companion planting if you plan on growing your own fresh vegetables. Planting herbs alongside vegetables is a great idea; the herbs improve the vegetable’s flavour and keep pests away.

Some combinations are great together, do some research to find out the best way to combine your herbs and vegetables. Usually, the combination is known to taste great together and also does really well when grown with companion planting.

Dill works well with cucumbers, onions, or lettuce, while basil should be grown alongside peppers and tomatoes. Rosemary will wade off beetles from beans.

Outdoor Windowsill Planters

Perhaps you don’t have room in your kitchen and you need a little garden, this idea can serve you well. Get a windowsill planter that can be installed outside your windows. This position enables the herbs to receive sufficient sunlight.

To harvest some fresh herbs, you don’t necessarily need to go all the way outside. Just open the window and clip off some herbs especially if you’re in the habit of cooking when it’s late.

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To set up your windowsill planter doesn’t require much. With some hardware and tools, you’ll get the job done. It might also add extra décor to your home’s exterior. Some windowsill planters are self-watering so, if you have one of those then maintenance will be less tasking.

  1. Hydroponic Herb Garden

If you want to grow your herbs but you’re not too keen on getting down with the soil, then you should try hydroponics. It is a great way to grow multiple herbs indoors.

Ever heard of hydroponics? Well, it involves growing plants in the absence of soil. In place of soil, plants grow in water containing nutrients. The growing medium you use depends on the hydroponic system, some make use of coconut fibre, sand, or gravel.

Hydroponic systems come in various designs and sizes so you can choose the most suitable for you. DIY enthusiasts may prefer building their hydroponic system. However, you can always purchase a fully assembled product. A hydroponic system will allow you to grow herbs right in your kitchen.

  1. Herb Garden Planters

Do you have narrow window sills that you can’t hold herb pots in? Well, you have an alternative to that. There are garden planters you can hang on your wall. Find a good location, preferably an area with good sunlight. You can use these planters inside or outside. They are available in different designs as well.

Also, you can plant some of your preferred herbs together in bigger planters. About 3 – 4 varieties of the herb can be grown in a single planter. This will make the job of maintenance easy for you. However, you shouldn’t just combine herbs randomly. Some herbs will perform well when grown together. Set yourself up for success with the right herb combination. Do a little research before making up your mind.


Growing herbs in the kitchen is both convenient and straightforward. Regardless of the method you go for, you must provide your plants with the perfect conditions so you can enjoy fresh herbs at harvest.



[1] Culinary Herbs – Link

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