Do House Sparrows Migrate?

Do House Sparrows Migrate?

The most straightforward answer to that question is no. Pretty much all house sparrows prefer to remain in one location and live a very sedentary life. In effect, they do not tend to move around very much and they can remain in the same place throughout the year. House sparrows often remain within one to … Read more

How You Can Preserve Endangered Insects With Your Kids

endangered insects

Humans exist together with wildlife on planet earth, including insects. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that one-third of the insect population is at risk of extinction. Insects are getting extinct at an estimation of 2.5% every year. This means that in the next few years, we may lose up to 50% of the insect population … Read more

A Detailed Guide to Caring For Hedgehogs


It is no news that the hedgehog[1] population have experienced a significant decline in number within the past few decades and the numbers keep dropping. Hedgehogs are a well-known part of the extensive mammal kingdom. They are small creatures, usually brown with spines made of keratin all over their back and pointy snouts. They come … Read more