How Do You Grow a Plum Tree from a Seed

How Do You Grow a Plum Tree from a Seed

Plum trees are a beautiful addition to any garden. They produce sweet, juicy fruits that can be used in many recipes. But how do you grow a plum tree from a seed? Plum seeds need to be planted with no more than two inches of soil cover and they should be watered thoroughly after planting. … Read more

Growing Strawberries In Pots And Suspended Baskets

Growing Strawberries In Pots And Suspended Baskets

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C as well as potassium; not only does it taste great but its health benefits make eating these juicy fruits even more worthwhile. And what better way than sticking some pot Growing strawberries in pots and planters is a convenient way to enjoy the sweet fruits all summer … Read more

How Do You Grow a Lemon Tree?

Growing a Lemon Tree from the Seed

Seeds are the most common way of producing new plants and are a plant’s way of reproducing in many cases. As there are many other means of growing trees that do not involve seeds, we begin to wonder which plants need seeds to grow a tree. Lemons are a highly sought-after fruit and growing lemons … Read more

Propagating Blueberry Plants from Cuttings

Propagating Blueberry Plants

There are many reasons to plant blueberries in your garden or allotment. Fondly referred to as a ‘superfood‘, blueberries offer us many benefits. From nutrition to health benefits, blueberries have a positive impact on the human body. Here in this article, I will be discussing everything you need to know about propagating blueberry plants and … Read more

Pruning Blackcurrants – How and When is the Best Time to Do It

Pruning Blackcurrants

There is a common misconception that growing blackcurrant bushes are very difficult. However, that is not true, as they are actually very easy to grow. You can even grow them in the ground directly. If you do not have enough space in your garden or yard, you can grow them in your pots. Blackcurrants are … Read more