Best Hybrid Tea Roses

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The best hybrid tea roses are the ones that blossom are well known rose types that have been in existence from about the 1900s. They were first created in a mix of the hybrid perpetual and tea roses.

The main advantage to this is that hybrid tea roses are not just known for being hardy flowers. They also blossom well as single flowers, on stems that are long and straight, making hybrid tea roses a favourite to be used in many flower arrangements.


YouGarden Hybrid Tea Rose collection x 5 bare root...
  • Incredible fragrance and non-stop colour.
  • Repeat displays – masses of beautiful blooms from May to October every year.
  • Disease resistant, and easy to grow... proven performers in British gardens.

Main Features

  • Performs really well in British weather and British gardens.
  • Disease resistant and easy to grow.
  • Ideal to be used in garden patios, raised beds and raised borders.
  • Provides fantastic colour.


Climbing Rose Bush Collection in 3 Varieties bare...
  • Nothing beats the sight and scent of traditional English climbing roses dripping from an...
  • Producing a fabulous fragrance wafting on the breeze, especially on warm days.
  • Perfect for climbing up to 2m up trellises, arches, walls or fences.

Main Features

  • These climbing roses are great for trellises, arches, walls or fences.
  • Flowers consistently bloom for 4 months during the course of the summer
  • Can climb up to 4.5m high.


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  • Five famous Roses voted the Worlds Best Varieties by leading Rose experts
  • Each rose will flower repeatedly from May to October with incredibly fragrant, classic...
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Main Features


Buying Guide for Hybrid Tea Roses

  • How big do hybrid tea roses get?

Hybrid tea roses often grow to 1.2m to 2m tall. More widely known climbing and pillar roses can grow as tall as between 2.5m and 5m tall.

  • Is a hybrid tea rose a bush?

Yes, hybrid tea roses often grow as a bush as they may have between 50 and 60 petals when fully blossomed. Hybrid tea roses are sometimes not seen as a bush because they usually blossom individually from each stem, as against blossoming in a cluster of flowers. One of the unique things with hubrid tea flowers is that the slowly unfurl into an open flower look rather than a bushy look.

  • Are hybrid tea roses hardy?

Most hybrid tea roses are known for being winter hardy for the British climate. These roses are well renowned as they are a cross between tea roses as well as hybrid perpetuals.

  • Do hybrid tea roses bloom all summer?

Roses of all types and not just hybrid tea roses – climbing roses, floribunda and shrub roses are known to blossom repeatedly throughout the summer months. They blossom individually – rest – then bloom new flowers. This cycle can take anything between 6 and 8 weeks.

  • Do hybrid tea roses need full sun?

As with most plants, hybrid tea roses also fare best when exposed to sunlight. So planting them in garden borders or a south facing garden or on a trellis to the rear of your garden would be perfect locations for it. The only other thing worth noting is that the soil it is planted in should be well-drained with access to circulating air and not clay-type soil.

  • Are hybrid tea roses edible?

Unlike Basil and Spinach, hybrid tea roses cannot be cut up and added to a salad as a meal. They have been known to be used in a  herbal tea mix. This is because they have no caffiene content but have a taste similar to jasmine tea.

  • When should you prune hybrid tea roses?

Hybrid tea roses need to be prune in the following months – March, April and May. Due to their penchant for growing in cycles, you should first check for any dead or dying flowers anf remove them. They can then be pruned back to almost half of their original heights in preparation for winter.

  • How do I keep my roses blooming all summer?

The secret to having roses that blossom all through the summer is to regularly check for dead, diseased flowers and removing them. This is the key thing to ensuring your hybrid tea roses blossom all summer.
  • What is the best month to plant roses?

March, April and May are the best months to plant yoru roses. Apart from months when there’s an early spring, these are the months when the last winter frost has disappeared. They also give the roses time to settle in prior to winter coming round again.

  • Are roses toxic to cats?

As most roses have thorns in their stems, there’s a high chance of trauma to the mouth and paws of your pet cats if you plant roses. However, roses in general are not toxic to cats and would only often lead to tummy ache.

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