The Best Garden Strimmers For Long Grass: Reviews And Buyers Guide

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If you’re looking for a heavy duty cordless grass trimmer or a corded grass trimmer, then you should check for a number of specific features. Does it have a rotating head? Auto feed capability? Is it easy to navigate around garden furniture? Is it light enough to carry around large areas?

Some grass trimmers have plastic blades, while others have a long lasting ion battery. With the long list of possibilities, searching for the perfect string trimmer to use on your garden alongside your lawn mower can be a mind numbing task.

This article was prepared to inform you of the quality garden strimmers existing in the market so you can make your pick. Important factors, including price, power and cutting diameter has been examined to create this list.


Black+Decker Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Strimmer


  • Best garden strimmer overall
  • Provides great value for its price
  • Lightweight and convenient to use
BLACK+DECKER GLC3630L20 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer...
  • A cordless grass trimmer powered with 36 V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery offering up to 3750...
  • Featuring E-drive technology - a high-torque gear system which can power through the...
  • 30 cm cutting swathe - ideal for larger gardens

The BLACK+DECKER electric strimmer wins first position on this list for its amazing qualities. If you want the best product in the market for your garden, then this strimmer is right for you.

In place of cables which prove to be problematic sometimes, it is powered by an 18 volt lithium battery which is capable of cutting up to 2,500 linear meters with just a single charge. If your garden is on the smaller size, you can complete the job in one session. Lithium batteries are powerful and worth the money. They can serve you for as long as 18 months.

This powerful strimmer is fully capable of going through thick areas at a speed of 8500rpm with a cutting width of 28cm. It is well able to handle easier tasks as well. You have options depending on the nature of what you’d like to get done. Select ECO for edging, trimming and Turbo for thicker terrain. You will definitely enjoy these cool features on the BLACK+DECKER strimmer.

Its handle is also specially designed to handle the weight. The strimmer itself is actually lightweight, weighing exactly 2.6kg. The handle provides a firm grip and in addition, its telescopic shaft can be adjusted to fit your height.

Due to the automatic feeding feature, there’s no use for stopping and bumping.

Overall, this product offers the best value for its price. You can easily perform easy trims and more difficult tasks with this versatile strimmer. It is definitely worth the investment should you choose to go for it. You’ll definitely not regret it.


Makita DUR181Z18V Cordless Li-Ion Garden Strimmer


  • Height can be adjusted
  • Uses cordless technology
  • Lightweight
Makita DUR181Z 18V Body Only Cordless Li-ion Line...
  • Compatible with 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries
  • The spool end is reinforced with a metal cap for increased wear resistance
  • Adjustable loop-handle can be adjusted according to user's height and working posture

What’s not to love about the Makita DUR181Z18V Cordless Li-Ion Garden Strimmer? If you want a great product that provides you with a range of services and sufficient power to perform them, then this strimmer will offer great value. It’s also easy to operate so you’ll get conversant with how to control the tool in no time.

This cordless strimmer is adjustable to the user’s height, including your cutting angle. To feed the line, your bump feed basically needs to be bumped against the floor and that makes this tool very convenient for the operator. The cordless nature of the Makita strimmer saves you the hassle of having to deal with long cords.

You will definitely love the lightweight nature of this device which makes it easy to transport and further compliments its easy usage. This strimmer will give your lawn edges a nice trim and when it comes down to stubborn, overgrown weed, it will also do justice. Its battery will serve you for about 30 minutes after every charge and that is ample time for small and medium sized garden owners.

Get this amazing product to leave your garden looking great with neatly trimmed edges and all. You can’t go wrong with this product.


Stihl FSA 57 Garden Strimmer


  • Quiet to use
  • Works with an AP battery
  • Lightweight, weighs 2.5kg

The Stihl Company has been a reliable brand with a number of amazing products and this garden strimmer is one of them. The Stihl FSA 57 is a great tool you’ll love to own. The striking feature it has is its quiet nature. You’ll use this strimmer without generating deafening noise that’ll upset your neighbours.

This product works smoothly so your muscles don’t get tired out from using it. Its sleek design features an adjustable shaft and weighs just 2.5kg. The Stihl FSA strimmer features a bump feed and 1.6mm spool. You have the option of replacing with thicker lines if you need to.

You can use this strimmer for trimming weeds and grasses. An AK10 battery will last for 25 minutes while the AK20 will work for up till 50 minutes. That’s enough time to get a lot of work done on your lawn.

The battery locks in two phases. In the first, there’s full power and the second the battery isn’t at work or discharging, but it’s positioned well enough to not fall out when the tool is moved about or hung. Isn’t that cool?

This strimmer is a great option if you want a battery powered, quiet strimmer for your garden.


Parker Brand 52CC Petrol Grass Strimmer


  • Features a brush-cutter tool
  • Powerful 2 stroke engine
52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer
  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • Compact Split Shaft Design

The Parker Brand 52CC Petrol Grass Strimmer is a great petrol strimmer if you’re in search for one of the best. Usually, petrol strimmers are preferred for more strenuous tasks on gardens and plots as it is more powerful, thanks to its tough engine.

With its engine, you’ll be able to take care of really overgrown gardens and even work with brambles and tough stringers. While it’s not the most noisy petrol strimmer in the market, I recommend you use some ear plugs if you’ll be working with it for a while.

For line feeding, this product makes do with a very functional bump head line spool. Another feature that might interest you is its brush-cutter attachment.

The brush-cutters are hard plastic or metal plates with a triangular shape. They can be likened to blades of lawnmowers. However, they are more flexible. Brush-cutters come in handy for difficult tasks like when you have to deal with bamboo, thick roots and undergrowth.

On the flip side, it’s not the choicest options if you’re concerned about weight. It weighs 10.8kg which isn’t so high either considering it’s a petrol strimmer. Its sturdy harness helps to reduce the effect of its weight.

This petrol strimmer also has a long handle which helps you control the device. If you want an efficient and effective petrol garden strimmer, then this product will serve you well.


BLACK+DECKER ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer


  • Lightweight, weighs 2.5kg
  • Small sized but powerful
BLACK+DECKER ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer, 550...
  • AutoSelect Technology optimizes performance
  • Edging guide wheel for precise edging. Cutting Width 30 Centimetre
  • E-Drive technology powers through overgrown areas without clogging

Although this product is less powerful than the cordless type, it will do a decent job of caring for your lawn. The Black+DECKER ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer is great if you need something simple that’ll still do a good job. Truth be told, we don’t all need some extremely powerful device.

This product features an auto-select technology that enables you pick a setting suitable for the task you intend performing. String trimming prepares your motor for the task at hand.

Another cool feature it comes with is its E-drive technology, including a gear system which enables you easily navigate thick, overgrown surfaces. With a power of 550W, it’s able to work at 7500rpm with a cutting swathe of 37cm which is fair enough.

Its cord is 6 meter long so those who intend to work with this product may need to get extension leads. That’s just a little price to pay based on the value you’ll get.

For convenience, the manufactures included telescopic shafts which are adjustable to match users’ height. There’s also an additional handle for firmer grip and control. The product is lightweight at just 2.5kg so it’s not burdensome to move around.

When it comes to feeding, it uses an auto-feed spool to push the line so you won’t have to deal with bumping.

You get convenience, comfort and easy use with this product. It is one of the best grass strimmers you can find in the market today.


Netta Cordless Grass Strimmer


  • Has an 18v battery
  • Weighs 2.3kg
  • Battery life last up till 45 minutes
NETTA Cordless Grass Trimmer/Cutter Strimmer with...
  • 18V GRASS TRIMMER & STRIMMER: This NETTA 18V Grass Trimmer & Strimmer is the ideal...
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing just 2.3kg, this grass trimmer and strimmer gives you...
  • EASY TO USE: This strimmer/trimmer will minimise the strain put on your arms and back due...

The NETTA Cordless Grass Strimmer is another product that offers great value for its price. It weighs just 2.3kg and is easy to operate. Also, it comes with an 18 volts battery and does a satisfactory job of trimming the lawn and its edges.

Its handle can be adjusted within 58cm and 90cm which make it comfortable for users of any height. You can adjust strimmer’s head up to an angle of 180 degrees. The firm nature of its handle gives you a comfortable grip which is necessary for convenient usage. Its feeding line can also be adjusted and there’s the presence of a long lasting safety guard.

A fully charged battery can last for 45 minutes which is a bit longer than other battery powered products. This product will do an excellent job for your lawn with precise trims. It is a worthy investment to make.


EGO ST1510E-K1252 Line Trimmer


  • Good for large lawns or gardens
  • Has a 56V battery

This strimmer is a powerful battery powered tool that works like a petrol machine. The EGO Line Trimmer is great for trimming large gardens or lawns. Let’s look at its features.

It comes with a 56 volt battery and a cutting swathe with a width of 38cm. It’s not the most lightweight option in the market as it weighs 3.2kg. A shoulder strap will make it lighter for you especially if you’ll be using it for long periods at a time.

The machine is sturdy and can help with delicate edging work around the lawn. It has a thick 2.4mm that won’t break easily compared to others and when it does you can just simply reload using the power-load button.

For battery power, you have the option of a 2.5Ah battery that can last for about half an hour and a 7.5Ah option that’ll serve you for up to 90 minutes. The latter will be beneficial to a large sized-garden.

So there you have it, the amazing features of this strimmer. It’ll be worth the purchase.


XCEED EX18CGT 18V 25cm Cordless Grass Strimmer


  • Has an 18V battery
  • Features an attachment for wheeled edging
XCEED EX18CGT 18V 25cm Cordless Grass Trimmer
  • Auto spool feed single line system
  • In line edging wheels allows neat edges
  • Head pivots for various trimming positions

If you’re looking for a nice strimmer for your lawn, the XCEED EX18CGT Cordless grass strimmer is nothing short of the word. It has a wheeled edging feature which makes it even cooler.

This device can be used to perform a range of tasks, including trimming your lawn edges, underneath furniture and shrubs. You can adjust its head to trim underneath shrubs and weeds on slope terrain.

Its 18 volt battery gets fully recharged within an hour and once it is charged, you can work with it for about 30 minutes at a go. The strimmer also features an auto-feed line which saves you from bumps and a guard for safety. These features are adjustable depending on the height you’re comfortable with.

Summarily, this garden strimmer is easy to operate and does a decent job of caring for your lawn edges.


Garden Gear Cordless Telescopic Strimmer


  • Has a 20V battery
  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Cutting width of 26cm
Cordless Telescopic 20V Hedge Trimmer Cutter,...
  • Impressive reach; This pole hedge trimmer has incredible reach of up to 2.82-metres thanks...
  • Razor sharp blades; Pole hedge trimmer features a 51-centimetre razor sharp double-action...
  • Powerful; 20V lithium-ion battery that provides up to 60 minutes of continuous operation...

With a 20 volt lithium-ion battery, the Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer does a good job of trimming the lawn. It’s also adjustable which makes it a convenient and versatile device for the user.

You are able to take care of weeds and long grasses easily using this strimmer. Its width of 26 cm helps you efficiently trim grasses even in sloped corners. The product also features a detachable wheel and edge guide which makes the job of trimming your lawn edges pretty simple.

The full charged battery will serve your for about 35 minutes if you’re trimming short grasses, but it will last for about 25 if you’re performing more difficult tasks. You can adjust the aluminium shaft within 95cm and 115cm to suit your preference. Its head can also be adjusted to 90 degrees so you’ll be able to get to weird corners.

This cordless garden strimmer is a tool capable of doing a good job on your lawn. If you like to work with battery powered devices, this is an excellent choice for you.


Buyers Guide

How to Find the Perfect Strimmer for Your Lawn

A garden strimmer will influence the appearance of your garden and the right one makes all the difference. You need a tool you’ll find easy to operate otherwise you won’t be motivated to make use of it.

Before investing in a strimmer, it is best to consider your needs first. Do you need something to take care of your fence line or borders? Or you need a more hard core tool to work with brambles and thick grasses? The answer to this question determines if you’ll get a powerful petrol strimmer or a battery powered cordless strimmer. So, first determine your needs before you make a decision.

After you’ve made up your mind concerning the needs you’ll to meet, it’ll be much easier for you to look out for the features of most importance to you. Below are some features you should consider before purchasing a garden strimmer:

Handles: Handles are important. Some products come with an extra or second handle which helps to evenly distribute the weight so you reduce the stress on your muscles.

Telescopic Shaft: Most products come with an adjustable telescopic shaft. This is important because you are able to work at a convenient position and limit the possibility of having back aches. Some strimmers provide further reach far away from your feet. That being said, it’s wise to put on thick boots when working with a strimmer for your own safety.

Harness: This is a necessary feature for the more weight products. It makes the user more comfortable.

Auto-feed Spool: Strimmers usually come with plastic strings which cuts weeds or grasses while it’s spinning at a high speed. The line wears out with time and will need to get replaced.

In an auto-feed spool, the line is automatically controlled unlike the bump feed and manual. The bump feed requires the strimmer’s head to be bumped on the floor while the manual user needs to pull out the line by his or herself. While auto-feed strimmers are easier to use, the others are pretty effective as well.

So now you know what you should be concerned about when selecting a strimmer. Know your needs first and then look out for the features that’ll conveniently meet our desires.


Strimmers & Wildlife

While you are trying to get your garden to be in good shape, it is worthy to note that you may hurt some innocent wildlife in the process. There are a few things you can do to avoid such an unfortunate scenario.

For starters, ensure you use a rake on long grasses or weeds first as a sort of warning to these little creatures who have probably taken up residence in your garden. Once you do that, toads, frogs, newts, grass snakes, mice and other wildlife around will take the hint to escape. Hedgehogs may curl up to protect themselves instead so be on the lookout and ensure you can clearly see the cutting line before using the strimmer.

Don’t be lazy and neglect these simple tips. It’ll be more difficult trying to get help and nursing a wounded animal back to health. Just be careful, okay?


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work with garden strimmers?

Garden strimmers are really beneficial tools and while they tend to make a bit of noise, you’ll be just fine if you keep to a few steps. In the end, you’ll be glad you got the strimmer. Here are the steps to follow:

Ensure you go through every instruction in the manual. Afterwards, get rid of stones and chase wildlife away before using the strimmer. Just like most tools, it is important you put on your protective gear before using them. Ear plugs to block out noise, thick boots to protect your feet and goggles for your eyes. Goggles are especially important if you’re working on thick, overgrown grasses. You don’t want sharp objects from the ground to get into your eyes.

For electric and battery powered strimmers, you simply need to put on a button. You need to pull a cord to start up a petrol strimmer, that may not be easy the first few times, but you’ll soon get the hang of things.

Work gently with your strimmer regardless of the task you’re performing. The strimmer has two sides; one contains your cutting edge while dirt comes out the other. Ensure you can identify the cutting side so you don’t make the mistake of using the other.

Keep an eye out for any trip causing object or even person. Avoid bricks, brief fences, pets and little kids that might cause you to trip while you’re working. Of course, you shouldn’t allow pets and kids to be near you in the first place when using the strimmer. Still, keep an eye out.

How does the grass strimmer work?

The grass strimmer works with centrifugal force. While the line is static, it can’t really help with cutting, but when in speedy motion it does a good job of cutting. As it cuts, debris gets shot out of the strimmer.

That’s basically how it functions. The line will need replacement from time to time. However, a strimmer is pretty simple to operate and the line cuts when in a spinning motion.

How can I replace my strimmer line?

Replacing the strimmer isn’t exactly complicated, but it may seem a bit problematic. You will have to replace your line at some point no matter how careful you’ve been, so don’t shy away. Before attempting to do anything, ensure your strimmer has been turned off.

Get the new strimmer line, take off the casing and fix the line where it should be in the spool starter hole. Spin around your directional arrows.

It is important you do this as carefully as you can to prevent jamming so you won’t have to repeat the entire process all over again. Once you reach the line’s end, cut it leaving about 6 inches and place the end right into your spool’s eyelets.

Fix the spool into its usual position and ensure your strimmer line is in perfect synch with the outer eyelets. Replace your strimmer casing by pressing the lined up tabs till it clicks.

You may struggle with the procedure initially depending on the kind of strimmer you have. This is why you shouldn’t misplace your instructional manual. You can also watch YouTube videos online for a more visual explanation.

How do I start my petrol strimmer?

Again, it is important you go through the instructional manual that comes with any product you buy, including a petrol garden strimmer. A petrol strimmer needs fuel to work, so first you’ll need to fill it up with fuel and firmly secure its cap.

On your first trial, you may need to exercise patience, but you’ll definitely get the hang of things if you don’t quit.

Hold down your priming bulb to put in fuel. You’ll have to do this repeatedly up to about 8 times. Switch on the device once fuel has been detected. After this, put your choke in its start position.

Your strimmer should be laid on the floor with the cord facing up. Ensure your cutting line isn’t in contact with anything and then pull out the cord while you hold the neck of the strimmer. Start off slowly and once you can feel resistance, pull with quick intense force.

You may have to keep pulling for a while until the engine starts up. Don’t be distraught if you don’t get it on your first try, it happens. Keep going till you get your engine all fired up.

Check on your fuel if you’ve pulled repeatedly for some time without any response from the engine, it might be flooded. Also check to see if your spark plug is damp. If it is, allow to dry before attempting to start the engine again.

Why does my petrol strimmer cut out?

These are some of the reasons why this can occur:

A wrong fuel mix is the first reason. The correct mix of stroke oil and petrol are necessary for the normal functioning of two strokes engine. To know the exact ration your strimmer needs is importance and you can find out in the manual. Mix fuel together in a separate container before you turn into the engine. On the other hand, it may be that you’ve exhausted your fuel and you simply need a refill.

A blockage could be the guilty culprit here as well. This may be because the filter blocked the tank. To remedy this situation, simply adjust the filter to its rightful position.

An additional attachment, including a brush-cutter head may cause the strimmer to overheat due to vibration.

If you find that you couldn’t solve the problem, it is best you seek the help of a professional to help you out.

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