The Best Garden Shredders For Branches

Using a garden shredder for tree branches and pruning back your garden can be considered to be an ideal way to minimise the amount of garden waste you have. You can also dispose of extras from your garden a lot more easily as you have the option to compost it or take it down to the tip.

In most cases large branches from your trees can be very a difficult task to dispose of safely. Before you know it, you will have a green waste bin that is totally full up and it will subsequently take ages to break down. I have taken many trips to the council recycling facility just for this main reason.

By using a garden shredder you can reduce your garden waste and have more useable mulch quicker and more effectively, saving you both time and effort.

The good thing is that garden shredders come in wide range of shapes, sizes and prices. A rule of thumb is that the more you pay for your garden shredder, the stronger the motor.

You will also be guaranteed to get finer shredding and chipping action.

This article will show you the best garden shredders to use for your garden based on important factors like cutting width, shredding power, cost and reliability.

Our Recommendations

  • Bosch AXT 25 TC Blade Garden Sharpener (See Here)
  • Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder (See Here)
  • Ryobi Garden Shredder (See Here)
  • Tacklife Garden Shredder (See Here)
  • Cobra QS2500 Quiet Electric Garden Shredder (See Here)
  • Powerplus Garden Shredder (See Here)



Bosch AXT 25 TC Blade Garden Shredder


  • Best quality for its price
  • Lightweight
  • Shreds branches with thickness up to 4cm
Bosch 600853670, Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 (2200 W,...
  • Fitted with 2200 W Bosch PowerDrive motor
  • Patented large capacity hopper for quick and easy feed
  • Practical plunger for increased material throughput

The Bosch AXT 25 TC is the best quality of garden shredder you can get for its price range. It is a very famous product with satisfactory features that makes it qualify as a worthy investment.

With its 2,500 watts motor, this machine is capable of shredding branches up to 4cm thick. It is relatively lightweight weighing exactly 12kg, so you can conveniently move it around the garden without much stress.

Unlike other products, you have the option of replacing the waste box with a bag depending on which you prefer to have. Some persons would rather leave a bag at the dump to be collected than the costly kit. However, it depends on your choice.

The Bosch shredder has been proven to be of good quality and the manufacturers really did a swell job with this product. Ultimately, it offers amazing features for its price and that makes it our number one recommendation on this list.


Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder


  • Makes minimal noise at 98 decibels
  • Budget garden shredder
Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting...
  • Large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability,6 meter power cable
  • Large 50 Litre integrated collection box, Easy view of bin when full
  • 2500 watt motor turning out 4050 RPM, With the safety cut out switch

If you are on a tight budget, but you’re in search for the best product your money can get, you’re in luck. The Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder is the best shredder you can get on a budget.

Although this product does not come in an eye-appealing fancy design, it offers decent features for its price. Do not expect a low performance because it’s more affordable. The Dirty Pro Garden Shredder operates on 2,500 watts and 4,050 reps every minute.

With this tool, you can cut up branches up to 4cm thick. See? It is really strong. It features a 50 litres collection box and weighs 15kg. You will able to transport this tool to wherever it’s needed in your garden.

In terms of noise, your neighbours won’t really find it bothersome. It works at 98 decibels which is quiet enough for the arduous task it is performing. In addition, it comes with a power cable 6 meter long.

The Dirty Pro Tools Shredder is the best tool for shredding branches you can get in the market at its price. It’s close to being efficient as the Bosch product, yet it is significantly cheaper.

While this is a decent garden shredder to get on a budget, do not think it is exactly as effective like the Bosch. Try to learn about its limitations and know how to maximize its abilities. Summarily, it is still a decent product to get based on its qualities and price.


Ryobi Garden Shredder


  • Suitable for both soft and hard branches
  • Features strong steel blades
  • Can be transported easily
Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder,...
  • Powerful 3000W impact shredder
  • Two reversible, hardened steel blades shred branches, brambles, and shrubs to a fine mulch
  • Integrated handle and large wheels for easy movement around the garden

With this product, you can conveniently shred both soft and hard garden materials. The Ryobi Garden Shredder has strong steel blades, so you can cut up garden waste (debris or clippings) to disposable bits which make it easier for you to clean up.

The Ryobi garden shredder makes your garden tasks less difficult while protecting you with its safety features. Also, its thick wheels and handle enables you move the shredder around the garden.


Tacklife Garden Shredder


  • Has a collection box of 60L
  • Relatively quiet at 92db
  • Safe to use

The Tacklife Garden Shredder is also an affordable product with great features you can get. The Tacklife brand has become reputable over the past years by satisfying its customers with reliable products and the same can be said for this garden shredder.

This product features a motor of 2,500 watts and is able to cut branches with width up to 4mm. It most unique qualities include low noise at 92 decibels, a collection box of 60 litres, and thoughtful safety features.

With the Tacklife Garden Shredder, you won’t disturb your neighbours and you’ll have to empty the box less often compared to smaller boxes. It is a great product with a reasonable price that will be worth investing in.


Cobra QS2500 quiet Electric Garden Shredder


  • Features a transparent, waste collection box of 50 litres
  • Relatively quiet
  • Reverse function clears out blockages
Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder...
  • POWERFUL 2500W MOTOR - ideal for shredding garden waste, quickly and efficiently producing...
  • AUTO-FEED & REVERSE - easy to use controls allow the operator to control the shredder with...
  • LARGE COLLECTOR - the 50 litre transparent collector makes the whole process relatively...

Need a shredder that won’t rat you out while you’re shredding branches in the morning? The Cobra Electric Garden Shredder was designed with you in mind. With its drum technology, you are able to perform your tasks without provoking your neighbours with piercing noise.

This product features a strong 2,500 motor capable of cutting branches with a width of 40mm. Its transparent, large collection box can accommodate a large amount of waste before you have to dispose it. In addition, you can clear blockages using the reverse function.


Powerplus Garden Shredder


  • Shreds branches with thickness up to 40mm
  • Has safety features
  • Easily unblocked

The Powerplus Garden Shredder is a powerful too suitable for shredding shrubs, branches and other garden materials as thick as 40mm. You will learn to use this shredder in no time, it’s easy to operate and very effective.

This garden shredder also comes with a waste collecting box, push stick and feed hopper. It doesn’t get blocked easily, but when it does, it can be easily reversed. The shredder only works if the collection box has been perfectly locked in. In addition, it has wheels and a handle for portability.


Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Shredders

Which garden shredder is the best?

As shown at the top of this list, the Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder is the best in the market today. This product was chosen because it is a power tool capable of shredding branches up to 4cm thick. It features a large sized collection box and operates quietly. This is our number one recommendation.

How does a garden shredder work?

The garden shredder is an appliance that is easy to operate. Its functions similar to the well-known paper shredder. Put in the branches and parts to be shred and the machine takes care of the rest by cutting the large piece into smaller bits. The pieces are sent into the waste collection box which you can dispose of once it gets filled and continue your shredding.

What are the types of garden shredders?

Garden shredders are available in 3 different types

First, we have the impact shredders. This type features a fast spinning blade that can spin up to 4,000 in a minute. Once you feed in the material to be shred, the machine cuts it up really fast. This type of garden shredder is highly efficient and quick to use.

Next, there’s the roller shredder. They make use of a rolling drum and a metal plate which shreds up the matter passing through. The roller shredder is less noisy and saves you the stress of worrying about blunt blades. On the other hand, it isn’t the most portable choice.

Finally, we have the turbine cutter shredders. They utilise both mechanisms of the other two types to shred materials which go through it.

Do garden shredders work on leaves?

Absolutely! Garden shredders will cut up dry leaves into fine bits. You can use the matter to form a compost heap.

How much does a garden shredder cost?

The price of a garden shredder is influenced by a variety of factors, including its brand and features. You will be able to get a garden shredder anywhere irrespective of how much you are willing to pay. If you’re just going to use the shredder in your garden at home, you may not need to get a really expensive one. However, garden shredders are really worth the investment.