Best Garden Daybeds For Your Outdoor Space

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This article will give you a list of the best garden daybeds for your outdoor space. Based on price, design, adjustability and comfort, we have the choicest options for you.

Our Recommendations:

  • Evre Bali Garden Daybed
  • Deuba Poly Rattan Sun Daybed Garden Furniture
  • Garden Gear 5-piece Rattan Garden Daybed
  • Garden Gear 3-piece Rattan Garden Daybed
  • Alexander Francis Modern Garden Daybed
  • Intex Inflatable Garden Daybed

Reviews Of Our Recommended Best Garden Daybeds

Evre Bali Garden Daybed

Bali Day Bed Outdoor Garden Furniture Set With...
  • HOLIDAY VIBES Relaxing and stylish, Evre Bali Day Bed is a necessity to give your garden...
  • PRACTICAL YET THOUGHTFUL The Evre Bali Day Bed is super spacious and comfortable in the...
  • MADE FOR THE OUTDOORS Toughened frames of the Evre Bali Day Bed are made of powdered steel...


  • Comes in three colours
  • Extendable canopy

Are you in search of a comfortable and stylish daybed? Then, the Evre Bali Bed is right for you. It features thick cushions and pillows to help you relax for as long as you would like in the summer. You can also take off and wash the pillowcases when they get dirty.

This product has an adjustable canopy to help with your tan and also keep you relaxed in your preferred spot. The Evri Garden Daybed is constructed from quality materials which makes it durable and easy to maintain.

Usually, this daybed does not come assembled so you’ll have to do that yourself. It is quite easy to assemble so ensure you follow the instructions in the manual that comes with it.

Deuba Poly Rattan Sun Daybed Garden Furniture

Poly Rattan Sun Day-Bed Garden Furniture with...
  • Total dimensions: 226 x 188 x 71 cm. Material (seat cushions): 100 percentage polyester....
  • Weatherproof and high-quality rattan sun bed. The sun lounger provides a great seating and...
  • The outdoor recliner is weather-resistant, water-repellent, UV-light resistant and...


  • Durable and strong
  • Suitable for relaxing with family or friends

The Deuba Poly Rattan Sun Daybed Garden Furniture is great for relaxing in the garden, balcony or patio. It features an adjustable canopy, a sofa, seats and cushion. This product is made with high-quality rattan which makes it weatherproof; capable of withstanding the elements.

With this daybed, you are able to comfortably relax with your family or friends outdoors and have a nice, enjoyable time. Also, the daybed can easily be moved to a preferred spot due to its flexibility. The sturdy nature of rattan makes this daybed strong and long-lasting. Also, the material isn’t difficult to clean.

Garden Gear 5-piece Rattan Garden Daybed

Garden Gear 5 Piece California Rattan Daybed,...
  • Luxury; Add a touch of luxury to your garden and create a unique and functional focal...
  • 5-piece; The set includes 1 large sofa with a retractable canopy, 2 chairs, 1 stool and 1...
  • Extendable canopy; Perfect for keeping you in the shade on hotter days


  • Extendable canopy
  • Arranged in different forms
  • Durable and weather resistant.

This luxurious looking daybed will suit your garden perfectly. The Garden Gear 5 Rattan Daybed will keep you feeling so relaxed, you wouldn’t want to move from it. It has a functional and unique focal point.

This product consists of a large sofa with a retractable canopy, one stool, two chairs and a glass top. The spacious sofa is convenient for the entire family. The extendable canopy will act as a shield from the sun during hot weather and the seat cushions provide you with extra comfort. All these cool features will fit together well enough in your garden.

In addition, this garden daybed is easy to maintain, water repellent and weather resistant. Also, you adjust or rearrange depending on the size of your garden and your comfort.

Garden Gear 3-Piece Rattan Garden Daybed Review

Garden Gear 160cm 3 Piece Rattan Daybed Outdoor...
  • Luxury; Add a touch of luxury to your garden and create a unique and functional focal...
  • 3-piece; The set includes 2 stools and a comfortable sofa with retractable canopy, that...
  • Extendable canopy; Perfect for keeping you in the shade on hotter days


  • Easy to maintain
  • Modern and stylish
  • Fits perfectly together

If you have a small-sized garden and you need the perfect garden daybed for it, then the Garden Gear 3-Piece Rattan Daybed will serve you well. The product features a sofa with a retractable canopy and two stools which fits together to give you a comfy daybed. Also, the daybed is made from durable materials like polyethene[1] and rattan with an attractive design which adds an extra shine to your already great looking garden.

This Garden daybed is easy to maintain. To clean, wipe with a neat, damp cloth. This daybed cushions will definitely keep you comfortable as you enjoy some outdoorsy time.

Alexander Francis Modern Garden Daybed

Alexander Francis Letto Sunbrella Fabric Modern...
  • Exclusive Design: Our furniture is only available to buy directly from us. Where other...
  • Finest Materials: The rattan selected is resin rattan and is UV resistant, weather...
  • Sunbrella Fabric and Quick Dry Foam: Originally designed for boats we use a marine fabric...


  • Eye-catchy design
  • Features wheels for easy movement
  • Comfortable cushions

This Garden daybed is stunning and luxurious; it will give your garden an elegant look with its eye-catchy, modern designs. To give your garden a nice look and get the attention of lookers, the Alexander Francis Modern Garden Daybed will get the job done.

You will experience the highs of comfort with its foam stuffed cushions. They are also weather-friendly and easily maintained. The aluminium frame is coated with white powder for durability. It is handwoven with high-quality rattan material.

The product also comes with attached wheels for easy manoeuvring. Of course, you will need to assemble the daybed yourself after purchase, but that can be done easily.

Intex Inflatable Garden Daybed


  • Two drink holders
  • Grab rope for users safety
  • Removable visor

For long hours of rest in the garden, the Intex Inflatable Canopy Island is the daybed for you. What’s more? It comes with two drink holders, so while you are chilling with your friend, you can have your favourite drink beside you.

This Garden daybed also features a removable visor for shade when you need it, two air chambers and a grab rope for safety on the water. You can use this product in a pond or swimming pool. It is durable and not difficult to inflate.

Garden Daybed Buyer’s Guide

The garden daybed is a comfortable must-have product that helps you relax on sunny days. Whether you would like to take in a little sunlight or have some shade, a garden daybed will give you the luxury while you lie in a convenient position. They come in different stylish designs and some are spacious enough to contain two or more persons.

This guide will help you select the perfect garden daybed amidst a variety of options.

Product Design

Garden daybeds come in a range of designs. They are made with rattan, aluminium or wood with rattan being the most common material because it gives the garden daybed a more exquisite look.

Usually, daybeds come in sets with different pieces, stool, sofa, table and chairs. The pieces can be assembled together to minimize space. You can leave them separately if you have enough room in the garden. However, it makes sense to piece them together.

Size of Daybed

The size of the daybed should also be considered before purchasing one. If you want one large enough to accommodate your family, you’ll have to get a larger daybed. Also, take note of the size of your garden where you intend to use the garden daybed, get a product that will fit in nicely.


When selecting a daybed, your comfort should be of utmost priority. I mean, why else would you want a garden daybed? Sofa and cushions of good quality will not only look great but will also feel great and relaxing for you the user. Foam-filled cushions are the most relaxing cushions to get.


Some garden daybeds feature a canopy which provides shade in extremely hot weathers. There are also those without canopies, they are more affordable but you won’t find it comfortable on a very sunny day. The best kind of garden daybed to have is one with an adjustable canopy which you can adjust depending on the weather and your needs.

Ease of maintenance

Most garden daybeds are easy to maintain or clean. Look out for daybeds with covers you can wash with your machine. Rattan daybeds can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Metal daybeds can be easily cleaned as well.


If you want to enjoy your daybed all year round, then you need a weather-resistant product as you’ll most likely use the garden daybed outdoors. You might need to keep the cushions inside during winter, but the daybed can endure harsh weather.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of your garden size, budget, preference, and style, there is an ideal garden daybed in the market built to suit your need. Each comes with its unique design, size and colour to give your garden a luxurious look while keeping you comfortable for as long as you’d like to relax. In this article, the Evre Bali Day Bed is our top recommendation. However, you have a myriad of options to select from.


[1] Polyethene – Link

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