Best Compost for Bay Trees

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Bay trees are an essential part of any garden. They provide shade in the summer and the leaves can act as a natural buffer against strong winds. But, there’s one thing that bay trees don’t like: cold weather.

Bay trees are a beautiful addition to any garden. Bay tree leaves emit a refreshing and pleasant fragrance, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. But what is the right compost for bay trees?

So let’s have a look at the best compost for bay trees currently available.

J. Arthur Bowers Multi-purpose Compost 50L Bags

Keep your garden looking healthy and lush with this 50L Multi purpose compost for all your gardening needs. It is a versatile product that can be used to sow seeds, take cuttings or potting plants.


The slightly coarse texture is perfect for potting and will promote healthy root growth as well as resist compaction. Perfect for gardens of any size but especially great for greenery-phobic settings because compost creates an environment which promotes the natural basis of life.

J. Arthur Bowers is the all round compost to get your garden going. With enough compost for 6 weeks, it will feed the microbes in your soil, making them happy – which means they’ll be more likely to give you all that sweet gardening goodness in abundance: healthy plants with a dewy emerald sheen and plenty of colourful flowers.

The multi-purpose Compost 50L bags allows wildlife such as worms and insects access whilst not stifling too much growth or nutrient transfers, this coarse texture is also perfect for filling your potting needs without restricting air circulation; meaning roots can

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost 4 x 20L Bags

Now this might sound a little crazy, but hear us out. This may just be the ultimate compost for everyone who enjoys gardening and wants to take care of their plants like the pros do.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost is made with GROWING food that delivers nutrients all season long! This special formula contains Smart Release granules which release only when it’s warm and moist – what plants need most. For those looking to make bedding or borders fuller, look no further!

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost has a special formula with Smart Release granules which has a coating specifically designed for it to release nourishment only when warm and moist.

It is your quick and easy solution, complete with Smart Release granules that provide the perfect amount of food. Miracle Gro compost has a special formula that contains Smart Release granules. It provides complete nutrition for healthy growth and beautiful blooms all season long.

The Miracle Gro “Smart release” granules have an unique coating so they are continuously released only when it’s warm and moist (this is when plants need most). This means this product is perfect for use in any bed or border, hanging baskets or troughs.

Westland 90Litre Multi-Purpose Compost Garden Plant Soil

The Westland is a traditional range of multi-purpose compost that caters for all garden soil needs. For plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs you’ll want this blend of mixed peat which will provide excellent planting conditions.

The perfect mix of ingredients come with the skillful use over 4-5 weeks feedings to encourage fast root development and durable growth through increased root surface area formation.

Not only can it be used in general gardens but more specifically vegetable gardens where strong feeding regimes are needed to enhance flavour or freshness.

They also make excellent mulching material for plants, shrubs or trees in the garden. This is a great compost mix for planting vegetables and any plant. It will also keep them going until they are established or ready to burst from all that healthy soil!

It has a really decent blend of peat moss granules and sphagnum with our bio-rich organic matter generally found in our plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs products. With an timed release fertiliser comprising of top quality nitrogen sources like soybean meal, poultry manure powder blended with quick acting phosphorus.

Just Grow New Leaf Organic Compost – 100% Peat Free Compost

Just Grow New Leaf Organic Compost is a 100% organic, peat-free compost made of pure nutrients from the earth. Containing mostly sphagnum peat moss for its water holding capacity and as a conditioner for soil types.

This compost product also contains humates (components of plant life that are found naturally in soil), kelp meal (a natural source of Nitrogen) manure, bloodmeal (organic source of Nitrogen) rock minerals and pelletized limestone to create a perfect blend! This compost is great for all stages of plant growth and will help improve your garden plants.


Gardenesque Sylva Grow All Purpose Peat free Growing Compost

Sylva Grow offers a versatile and gentle compost for all your growing needs. This peat-free blend of coir, wood fibre, and bark makes it easy to grow anything from pots plants to vegetable patches. The Gardenesque Sylva Grow is perfect for bay trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more.

Gardenesque’s Sylva Grow is a unique blend of fine bark, wood fibre and coir – with balanced nutrients for the first 4-6 weeks of growth, Sylva grow is a light alternative to peat composts that are used throughout the United Kingdom by professional gardeners.

Says Owner of The Urban Putter Garden & Living décor retailer Andrew Flaudlis “Sylva grows great plants from seedlings to mature shrubs and trees. And it’s not only 100% biodegradable but also safe for veggie gardens too.”

Featuring no peat or green waste it’s suitable for vegan gardeners too! Plus with no animal products including manure, slurry or fish emulsion you can enjoy peace of mind when getting your hands dirty in your garden.


Final Thoughts

One of the most common mistakes that people make when caring for bay trees is not fertilizing them enough. Fertilizer should be applied every four months or so, in order to keep the soil rich with nutrients and minerals; this will also help it retain moisture better which will provide more nutrients to the plant roots.

In order to get just about anything in your garden growing properly you need good quality compost! A good potting soil can go far but if you want an even richer mix then adding some organic matter like shredded bark mulch or just using very good compost wull make a huge difference.

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